When Van Gogh arrived in Arles in February 1888 fruit trees in the orchards were about to bloom. The blossoms of the apricot, peach and plum trees motivated him, and within a month he had created fourteen paintings of blossoming fruit trees. Excited by the subject matter, Van Gogh completed nearly one painting a day. Around April 21 Van Gogh wrote to Theo, that he “will have to seek something new, now the orchards have almost finished blossoming.”

Van Gogh intended the three orchard paintings, The pink orchardThe white orchard and The pink peach tree, to go together.



Academy Awards, 1954


Audrey in Rome

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

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All women are born bad. Some just realize their potential later in life than others.

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What a burden she lifted from women. There was proof that looking good need not be synonymous with looking bimbo. Thanks to their first glimpse of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, half a generation of young females stopped stuffing their bras and teetering on stiletto heels
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Audrey during filming Breakfast at Tiffany’s,1960



I can’t imagine how crazy it must’ve been like to run into Walt Disney while at Disneyland…

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Audrey Hepburn by Horst P. Horst, 1949.